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Sleeve Casing & Attachment

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15 Mon 2018 admin Comments: 0

We specialize in repairing and attaching sleeve casings to all kinds of Oriental rugs, including heavy Chinese wool rugs which can weigh up to 400 lbs. Our rates are competitive and we offer pickup and delivery throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties for no additional fee. We’ll drive out to your home or business and pick up your Oriental rug, moving any furniture out of the way if needed, and transporting it to one of our four facilities in Southern California. Our master weavers will then repair any existing sleeve casings, and attach new hanging loops as needed to the back of your rug, perfectly accounting for your rug’s weight at all times. They will then insert a spear through the casing loops, which will distribute the rug’s weight evenly. When finished, your rug is returned and mounted on your wall for you. Call today for a free estimate on all our casing repair, sleeve repair, casing attachment, and sleeve attachment services.

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