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Re-dying & Color Correction

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Available at a great value to those in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego¬† counties, our professional re-dying services will make your Oriental rug look cleaner and brighter, thus restoring its original value and appeal. We will address the effects of flood damage, pet urine, high pH cleaning agents, aging, wine stains, and other causes with our¬†expertise in dye touch-ups and color bleeding correction. We begin with a free consultation and estimate, where our master weavers will assess your rug’s dyes and decide on a proper treatment. They will then hand-wash your rug using a special, non-corrosive chemical, to remove excess dye, and restore your rug’s original coloring, whether synthetic or natural. We even cook 100% natural, vegetable dyes in-house. To learn more about our re-dying and dye touch-ups, including our bleeding correction, color enhancements and color downsizing services, call today.

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