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Oriental Rug Reweaving

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15 Mon 2018 admin Comments: 0

With more than 35 years of weaving experience, our licensed and highly trained master weavers are more than qualified and experienced to reweave even the finest of Oriental rugs. They can reweave lost ends, damaged corners, tears, bald spots, rips, slits, holes, and more, all using ancient, hand-knotting techniques. Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties, the reweaving process begins with proper assessment of your rug, including weft and warp threads, knotting, pile fibers, dyes, and design. Our master weavers will then carefully reweave your area rug, adding foundation, re-knotting, and re-dying as needed. They also take care to reweave your rug using the same knotting per square inch as the rug’s original foundation. The entire reweaving process requires a very skilled eye to recreate the rug’s lost patterns and to then sheer, brush, cut, and repeat as many times as is necessary for flawless results. To learn more about our Oriental rug reweaving process, fair pricing, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, call today.

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